La Voce del Popolo

La Voce del Popolo, 4 agosto 2022

Grazie al Signor Bertoni ed alla redazione per la bella presentazione del nostro progetto. / Thank you to Mr Bertoni and the editorial desk for the presentation of our project. Please see below for an English translation.

Garda Musik Week”Three words, in three different languages, for an innovative festival created by the Municipality and the Association “Til profumo dei limoni”. Three events: a concert at dawn, a violin making exhibition, and a piano recital. Gargnano. By Vittorio Bertoni. On August 15th, the day of “Ferragosto”, the Garda Musik Week debuts in Gargnano with a preview of its activities. The Garda Musik Week is new, young and dynamic festival created by the Garda Municipality together with the Association “The Scent of Lemons”. Three words, in three different languages, signifying the festival’s aim to provide an experience of musical enjoyment without borders. The programme is for a day of “Music. Always. Everywhere” and includes three distinct events: a concert at dawn in the Church of St. Jacob, an exhibition of classical violin making in the Sagresty of St. Francis, and a piano recital in the Church of St. Francis. Events. Notable Canadian violinist Debra Fast will accompany the rising of the Sun at 6.17 AM. The voice of her solitary violin will express the magic of dawn with an eclectic programme paying homage to her native country, Canada, and her adoptive one, Italy. The concert will include a real gem, the world premiere performance of “Aurora on Lake Garda”, the new piece that composer Kristin Flores has dedicated to the soloist and the festival. It will be an additional moment of great emotion. After the concert, the audience will be served a continental breakfast. At 11.45, in the Sagresty of the Church of St. Francis, liuthier Fabrizio Di Pietrantonio will open the exhibition of classical violin making with a selection of his magnificent violins, violas and cellos. A heir to the Tuscan violin making tradition of Bisiach and Sderci, Di Pietrantonio integrates his creations with sculptures and paintings, following in the techniques once adopted by the illustrious makers of antiquity such as the Stradivaris and Amatis. The exhibition will remain open until 7 PM. Piano recital. The day of music will come to a close with another unmissable event at 9 PM: a concert by the celebrated pianist Sandro Ivo Bartoli. Among Italy’s finest active artists, Bartoli will present a fascinating programme encompassing Bach, Beethoven, Liszt and Chopin. The concert in October. In addition to the August date, on October 1st the Church of St. Francis will house another concert during which the 2023 edition will be unveiled. It promises to be a rich series of events with many international musical personalities. All the events of the Garda Music Week are admission free (locations capacity varies). For more info please visit #gardamusikweek #livemusic #gargnano

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